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Waterfalls of Sri Lanka
Compiled By L.A.M.C.Amarasekara
Forestry and environment socitey, University of Sri Jayewardenepura

St Clair waterfallThe island is blessed with 103 rivers and streams radiating from the central hills, rushing down rocky precipices forming a number of roaring waterfalls of various shapes and heights, all ending up loosing the momentum at the Indian Ocean.Here are some of the most picturesque waterfalls, out of which only a few can be viewed with ease, where as the others can only be seen by penetrating thick forests and tea plantations

  1. Bambarakanda Ella The highest waterfall in Sri Lanka (865 feet), which is at it`s peak capacity during September and October.

  2. Diyaluma You will find the 2nd highest waterfall around 13 Km towards "Koslanda" on the Wellawaya Road. Diyaluma means Watery light. 

  3. Dunhinda To see the breathtaking beauty of Dunhinda falls(210 feet), you have to travel about 5 Km from Badulla along the Mahiyangana road, and walk for another 2 Km (trekking) away from the main road.

  4. St. Claire The widest waterfall in Sri Lanka, about 265 feet high. 

  5. Laxapana Falls Laxapana fall is 377 feet high

  6. Aberdeen Falls A mere 5 Km away from Laxapana you will find the 322 feet high Aberdeen Falls. 

  7. Devon Falls Devon falls(318 feet) can be best viewed from the 20th mile post of the Talawakele-Nawalapitiya highway.

  8. Rawana Falls  Visible from the Ella-Wellawaya road, near Udunuwara village. A popular stopover for travelers.

  9. Alupola Ella This 200 feet high fall is to be found 25 Km away from Ratnapura in the Wewalwatte village.

  10.  Bopath Ella  The water falls 100 feet in the shape of a Bo leaf. When you travel along the Colombo-Ratnapura highway, turn at Higasthenna junction and drive along the Agalawatte road up to Devapahala village to see Bopath Ella.

  11.  The Lovers Leap The 100 feet high Lovers Leap begins it`s journey as a fountain at the Southern slope of Sri Lanka`s highest mountain Pidurutalagala. The falls can be seen from the town Nuwara Eliya.

  12. Mawanella Ella Travel 35 Km from Nuwara Eliya towards Udupussallawa and another 13 Km towards the Napola gap, and then you will find Mawanella Ella in the Lunuwatta village.

  13. Bakers Fall Discovered by Sir Samuel Baker and a good stopover on your way to the World`s end.

  14. Elgin Falls Railway between Nanu Oya and Ambewela offers a panoramic view of the 75 feet high Elgin Falls.

  15. Bridal Falls The winding highway to the Nuwara Eliya Plateau offers a memorable view of Bridal Falls, resembling a bridal veil, while dropping over the rock face. 

  16. Perawella Falls Perawella Fall is about 90 feet high.

  17.  Ramboda Falls Can be seen from the Ramboda Bazaar on the Nuwara Eliya-Ramboda road.



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