Decision making and management supportive system using GIS: A case study of Bogoda basin

The Bolgoda basin covers a considerable area of the western province in Sri Lanka. Rapid developments (legal and non-legal) and sudden changes in natural and manmade features cause substantial disturbance for proper decision making to manage and to preserve the area. Presence of up-to-date and comprehensive information together plays a vital role in this regard. Further, such information has to be interrelated and analyzed in different aspects for better understanding. This GIS base study explores the affection of some major factors (population, land use, industries and current waste management issues) to understand authori ties to take their suitable decisions to manage the Bolgoda catchments area.

The variation and the density of the population growth in the study area were investigated with the land use changes since year 1990 to examine the changes in land issues. Different types of industries and their locations with respect to the canal network have been investigated to show how this situation affects with the pollution matters in the study area. Moreover, the daily solid waste collection and the composition of the study area were investigated to understand the capability of the current disposal sites to manage the situa tion. Such analysis will help authorities to understand the situation and to take further actions on it.

A K R N Ranasinghe, D S Munasinghe and Mr N M P M Piyasena
Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka