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26 Mar 2008

Eco-tourism and Bio-diversity conservation-“A case study of Horton Plains”

Much debate and confusion has surrounded the terms ‘nature based tourism’ and ‘ecotourism’. Ecotourism is often used interchangeably with other terms such as nature based tourism, sustainable tourism, green tourism, responsible tourism and soft tourism. While some
26 Mar 2008

Species diversity and abundance of butterfly fauna in four selected habitats in Sinharaja man and biosphere (MAB) reserve

Sri Lanka possesses a rich diversity of butterflies compared to other countries in the region, but studies on this interesting taxon remain limited. The present study on butterflies at Sinharaja forest was carried out as an effort
26 Mar 2008

Edge effects on small mammal assemblages in Sri Lankan rainforests

This project was carried out with the objective of investigating edge effects on species richness and abundance of small mammals in rainforests of Sri Lanka. Core and edge habitats of twelve rainforests were live-trapped for five consecutive
26 Mar 2008

Biodiversity of pteridophytes at Mulawella Mountain of the Sinharaja Forest

Pteridophyte flora represent an important component of natural vegetation and about 362 taxa belongs to 30 families have been described in Sri Lanka. Even though Pteridophytes play a significant role in natural ecosystems, they are one of
26 Mar 2008

Floral composition and vegetation structure of Nara Mangrove Reserve, Kadolkele, Sri Lanka and guidelines for conservation

This study was conducted to understand vegetation structure and floral composition to develop suitable protocols for the conservation of NARA mangrove reserve, Kadolkele which is 10 ha in extent and located on the right bank of the
26 Mar 2008

A study of the Reptilian faunal diversity in Kukulugala isolated hill Forest, Ratnapura District in Sri Lanka

The Kukulugala Forest (KF) is situated within the Western boundary of the Ratnapura district, Sabaragamuwa Province; and is located 15 km away from Bulathsinhala town. The study area is located between 60 30’-6031’ Northern latitudes and 800
26 Mar 2008

Species limits of the endemic genus Stemonoporus Thw. : leaf architecture answers

Stemonoporus Thw. is the most species-rich (27 species) endemic dipterocarp genus in Sri Lanka. All its members are categorized as highly threatened or threatened in the IUCN red data book. A recent study carried out in order
20 Mar 2008

Sinharaja Forest nominates for New 7 Wonders of Nature

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has called upon all Sri Lankans to vote for the Sinharaja Forest to be included among the `New 7 Wonders of Nature`. Voting for nominees will continue until 31.12.08. The
10 Mar 2008

Present status of mangroves in three different water bodies associated sites in Thirukkovil and Pottuvil, Ampara district

Thirukkovil and Pottuvil villages in Ampara district are well known for Ecotourism. Village ecotourism is based on the beauty of the coastal belt and its surrounds which is decorated by flora and fauna within its geographical sites.
10 Mar 2008

Phytosociology of woody vegetation on the eastern slopes of Nilgiris

For proper assessment of biodiversity, its rate of extinction and driving forces leading to extinction, information on the vegetation type, floristic composition and their habitats, human interventions and ultimately impact on landscape changes vis-à-vis biological richness characteristics