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3 Mar 2010

Investigation of ergonometric parameters of university lecture hall furniture

U.L. Palamakumbura and H.S. Amarasekara Sitting comfort is considered important particularly in working environments with regards to health  and performances of day to day work. Sitting on a comfortable seat helps to relax the body and reduce
5 Feb 2010

Estimation of ecological footprint for Madurawala Divisional Secretariat area, Kaluthara District

W.D. Sepalika and U.A.D.P. Gunawardena The Ecological Footprint calculates the combined demand for ecological resources and presents them as the global average area needed to support a specific human activity. This quantity is expressed in units of
5 Feb 2010

Changing socio economic pattern and conservation of Maduganga wetland

P. Manusinghe Maduganga situated in the Galle District of the Southern Province is typical of the river systems which line the south west coast of Sri Lanka. In the global context the ecological significance of the system
1 Feb 2010

Human– wildlife conflict: issues, effects and conservation

O.S. Ojo¹, O. Akinyemi¹, A.I. Sodimu¹, B.S. Ojelade² and W.A. Jayeoba¹ Human – wildlife conflict was reviewed with the objectives of examining human – wildlife conflict and its effect especially those caused by crop raiding. Reports, write
1 Jul 2009

The Link Between Environmental Conscious Consumer Behavior And Environmental Attitudes

Over the past three decades, the Environmental Conscious Consumer Behavior (ECCB) has increased in a progressive manner (Follows S.B, Jobber D, 2000). The ECCB is defined for this study as one who purchases products and services which
29 Jan 2008

Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Sri Lanka

Dr. P.B. Dharmasena Field Crops Research and Development Institute, Mahailluppallama Sri Lanka is still and will be for near future considered as a country dependant mainly upon agriculture including plantation sector. Challenges posed by external factors due
10 Dec 2007

A study on palmyrah (Borasus flabellifer) utilization pattern and socio- economic status of dependent livelihood in Mannar district of Sri Lanka

S Arulmageswaran, I M N Chandrasiri and J V Culas Extension and Training Centre, Department of Agriculture, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka Tha palmyrah palm (Borassus flabellifer L.) is a multipurpose tree of great utility, occurs extensively in Northern
28 Aug 2006

Community Forestry in Nepal

Rachitha Silva The people of Nepal are heavily reliant on subsistence agriculture and Forests are an integral part of the agriculture and lives of them. The concept of community forestry is primarily focused on encouraging and contributing