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9 Dec 2010

Current Status of Plastic Packaging Materials in Sri Lanka

R.A. Jayasinghe, N.J.G.J. Bandaraand W.A.S.S. Dissanayake, W.M.S.K.B. Wijekoon Department of Forestry and Environment Science, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka All the goods we purchase today require some form of packaging in order to reach their final
9 Dec 2010

Eco friendly sewerage system for low income coastal community

W.N.C. Apsara and B.C. Liyanage Department of Civil Engineering, The Open University of Sri Lanka The purpose of a sewerage disposal system is to carry human excreta & urine (Black water) and wastewater (Gray water) back to
9 Dec 2010

Influence of undergraduate activities on the waste composition and generation rates in a residential university: Case study

S. Wijetunga and N. Liyanaarachchi Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka The increase of waste generation and its disposal is a major problem and challenge faced by the most of the countries today.The uncontrolled
9 Dec 2010

Assessing the role of environment regulation on firms’ private action towards environmental quality: Case of non-adoption of solid waste management practices by food processing sector in Sri Lanka

J.M.M. Udugama and U.K. Jayasinghe-Mudalige Department of Agribusiness Management, Wayamba University, Sri Lanka Whether a firm takes private actions to augment environment quality, more often than not classified as a public good, in a situation where it
9 Dec 2010

Effects of modified artificial soils on compost worms: An approach to large scale worm production

P.M.C.S. De Silva Department of Zoology, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka Vermicomposting is a viable recycling technique. Nevertheless it has a very little popularity in soil waste management process in Sri Lanka mainly due to the lack
9 Dec 2010

Utilization of earthworms in organic waste management

P. Alagesaran and R. Deebha Post Graduate and Research Department of Zoology, Yadava College, Madurai, India Vermicomposting is an ecofriendly, socially sound and economically viable technology to manage the organic waste resources. It is popular particularly in
22 Feb 2010

A comparative study of alternative waste management practices

Kaduwela Pradeshiya Sabha Kaduwela has become a popular, urbanized and industrialized area in the recent past which has lead to increase in the amount of solid waste generated in the area dramatically. The local authority faced with
22 Feb 2010

Proper solid waste management practices implemented in Puttlam Urban Council

Puttlam Urban Council The total area of the Puttlam UC is about 25.24km2 which is divided in to nine divisions. In addition to the registered population of 56254, around 35000 displaced people of the Northern Province also
22 Feb 2010

Increasing the quality of organic fertilizer produced from municipal solid waste and

Balangoda Urban Council Balangoda Urban Council had faced numerous problems due to protest from public due to dumping of waste near the sports ground situated at the center of the city. About 12 Metric tons of waste
5 Feb 2010

Bioremediation of carbofuran by isolated bacteria from soil

L.M.A.M. Thilakarathne, P.M. Manage and J.A. Liyanage Among available pesticides, carbofuran is widely used as a pesticide in all parts of Sri Lanka to improve the quality and yield of food crops by protecting against pests. Lack